Sunday, April 12, 2015

Support our local artist Natassha Lydia!

Natassha Lydia, 21, a year 2 Lassalle student who is currently taking up Audio Production has been brought up by a musically inclined family since young. She has been following her father's footsteps who is now a full time musician in Singapore Police Band. Through perseverance and guidance from her dad, she won the Cluster West Battle of the Band in 2010. Her band members includes two of her brothers (drums and bass) and her friend (guitar). She made up to the Top 60 in Season1 of Final1 in 2014. Throughout this month, we are putting her under limelight! From 8pm for an hour on weekdays, you can hear her singing to songs such as TEPI SIKIT, Helplessly and many more. We, here at Orion Station would like to wish her good luck in her career and hoping to hear from her more. We hope that you guys can support her too by visiting her page at